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About Us

About Us

A Place For Everything Crypto

Digital currencies have become the new financial trend and over the years have become more popular in the financial scene. This is why we got to together to form TraderCryptoX. Our main goal is to provide a secure and user friendly environment in which our users can buy, sell, exchange and store various Cryptos securely and easily.

Fun Fact

There are currently over 7,500 different Cryptos!


Secure and fast

Our services ensure that each execution made is secure and delay free, because we know how important time is in the financial world.

Gain Access To The Most Popular Cryptos

We are constantly searching for the most popular and up-and-coming Cryptos for our users to deal with. Currently offering over 60 Cryptos to deal with, we are always adding more through a thorough investigation of the markets.

24/5 Support

Offering 24/5 support means that we are there to help with any problems that may arise during an exchange, We are here to resolve all problems quickly in order to get you exchanging again hassle-free.

Lightning Fast Execution

Our executions are carried over high-speed servers ensuring delay-free exchange.

Secure System

All executions are made using high level encryption making sure our clients' information and funds remain safe.

Wallet System

Integrated Wallet System.

We offer an integrated wallet in which you can store various Cryptos. Buy, sell, exchange, and store your funds in a single account.